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Lazaris Nerve Release Technique ™


What is LNRT?

Lazaris Nerve Release Technique ™ is a proprietary training created by Celeste Lazaris centered around releasing suspected nerve impingements within the horse with a specific focus on the brachial plexus and lumbosacral plexus.

What does it help?

LNRT has been shown to assist with helping

symptoms connected to:

Head Shaking Syndrome
Becoming Over at the Knee
Locking Stifle
Undiagnosed Lameness
Thoracic Sling Dysfunction
Topline Syndrome
"Behavioral" problems - Biting, bucking, disliking touch
Spooky Behavior
Chronic Anxiety

Head or Ear Shy

Postural Compensations - Base Narrow, Camped Under, Toed in/out

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Initial LNRT Sessions: $140

Follow up sessions: $120

Sessions typically last between 45-90 minutes. The LNRT is a consent based bodywork practice which means the horse will dictate the duration and techniques used within the session. 

Before you book a session,

Please watch the Balance Through Movement Method: FREE Introduction to Pillar 1 Video

Learn about the Balance Through Movement Method here.

What Clients Say

After the session my mare was more free up front through her shoulders while trotting. She generally struggles picking up the left lead canter. When she gets the left lead it’s normally slower and she will shake her head at the beginning and and occasionally pull down. She picked up the left lead perfectly the first time asking with no head shaking! She just stepped right into the canter and did multiple laps of canter too! She was the most comfortable on that side that we have seen in a while!” - Kaitlyn K
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