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Located in San Diego County,

Elements Equine Bodyworks offers massage & bodywork services for the equine athlete. 


Massage therapy has been shown to be essential for preventative care.  By using a unique methodology we address your horse's whole body by palpating and assessing soft tissue and symmetry of muscles and structure.  By doing so, we are able help our horses communicate with us by using their muscles as a guide.  


Our bodywork sessions combine different techniques; including sports massage, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, range of motion and positioning exercises.  This also includes, checking stress and trigger points by looking for restrictions that could inhibit your horse's performance.


Preventative care is essential in catching an injury before it happens.  This can lead to a better connection between horse & rider, increased performance under saddle, and longevity for years to come.






Initial sessions include an entire body assessment, combining gait and postural observations & full body work session with stretching. You will also receive full documentation/charts of session and any follow up massage & exercise recommendations.




Follow up sessions include full bodywork session with stretching, as well as movement analysis when applicable.  You will receive full documentation/charts of session in addition to any follow up massage & exercise recommendations.

Elements Equine Bodyworks services San Diego, Orange, Riverside, & Los Angeles Counties.  

Depending on your location, a travel/mileage fee may be added to these prices.



"Natalie has been working with Willow for over a year now and she is an integral part of our team.  I initially started using Natalie to help Willow transition from a racehorse to a dressage horse and help her body get the necessary work needed to transition successfully and soundly. Natalie is so detail oriented and can notice small changes in Willow’s body and discusses how they may be affecting us undersaddle. With Natalie’s help, Willow has become more balanced, sound, relaxed, and happy."

-Dani S.

"I began using Natalie's services when my mare was having some obscure lameness issues.  Natalie was able to isolate her sensitive areas, which pointed my vet in the right direction to find the cause.  After some changes to her feet, and with the support of ongoing bodywork, my mare is on the road to recovery and feeling better every day.  In addition to providing overall health benefits, Natalie helped prevent my horse's issue from becoming a larger, more long-term problem.  She is great for helping a horse recover, but more importantly, her routine care can help address problem areas early on.  She is an integral part of my horse's wellness team!"

-Kaci W.

Natalie is a true professional - her knowledge, skill set, calm demeanor combine with her vast experience with horses made her the perfect choice when I was looking for someone to work on my horse.  She has exceeded my expectations!  Her attention to detail and never rushed attitude has provided wonderful results! Not to mention …my horse loves his time with her .  

-Stephanie A.



Natalie Darmody (Gurney), EEBW

Equine Body Worker

Certified by Equinology, Inc, Natalie brings an evidence based and anatomical approach to equine sports massage.  With over 20+ years of experience working with horses and a background in western performance, Natalie brings a fresh perspective on the needs of her client's equine athletes.  She has experience showing and training horses in various disciplines such as reining, western pleasure, hunter under saddle, horsemanship, trail, and dressage.  With this knowledge she is able to bring to the table the understanding of the physicality our equine partners exert.  She believes in the "team approach" and strives to bridge the gaps between professional team members to form one cohesive wellness partnership.  


Natalie is fully insured with ABMP and a member of the IEBWA.

Learn more about Natalie's Education here.


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