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Equine Sports Massage. Functional Horse Training. Preventative Care.

This Is Our Story

     Elements Equine Bodyworks, based in San Diego County, offers specialized sports massage and western horse training services designed for the equine athlete. Our program focuses on promoting correct movement and fostering free communication between horse and rider.

     In the world of equine wellness, massage therapy is essential for preventative care. At Elements Equine Bodyworks, we take a holistic approach by addressing your horse's entire body. Through careful observation of behavior and under-saddle traits, our bodywork sessions provide the missing pieces to your horse's overall wellness puzzle.

     For those searching for top-notch horse trainers or equine massage services in San Diego, Elements Equine Bodyworks is your trusted partner. Join us to enhance your horse's performance and well-being through specialized training and expert massage therapy.

What Makes Us Special

Certified Equinology Bodyworker

Over 500+ hours of education spanning: massage techniques, biomechanics, anatomy, functional movement, & hoof care.

Documented Sessions

Session reports are completed and sent after every massage appointment. Reports include before and after massage findings, including fully charted images for ease of owners understanding.

Science & Research Based Techniques

Massage therapy sessions are a combination of soft tissue mobilization, trigger point, range of motion, and positioning exercises.
Training sessions utilize gentle, proven techniques to establish a willing partnership between horse and rider.

Massage Services

Elements Equine Bodyworks offers equine sports massage services.

Woman is providing Equine Massage Therapy to an American Quarter Horse

Inital Session & Consultation - $115

Initial sessions include an entire body assessment with postural observations & full massage session. Dynamic movement assessments will be utilized when necessary. 

Equine Massage therapy technique

Follow Up Session - $100

Booked with us in the past? Follow up sessions include entire body assessments with a full massage session.

Elements Equine Bodyworks services San Diego County for massage sessions. 

Please inquire for more information if you are outside of San Diego County.

Training Services


     Elements Equine Bodyworks is your premier destination for boutique training specializing in western functional horse training! We focus on establishing a robust foundation and teaching proper biomechanics, ensuring your horse learns to utilize its body in a correct and balanced manner.

     At Elements Equine Bodyworks, we offer a comprehensive training program covering western horsemanship, ranch riding, and reining fundamentals. Equine massage, a crucial element for preventative care, is built into our program, enhancing your horse's well-being and performance.

     Our passion lies in working with Paints and Quarter Horses, making them the heart of our training.


     Whether you're a Beginner or an Advanced rider, you'll find a welcoming environment at Elements Equine Bodyworks. Join us to develop a deeper connection with your horse and enhance your riding skills from the ground up.

4 sessions/week

+ 1 massage/month

Full Training

Half Training

3 sessions/week

+ 1 massage every 6 weeks

Basic Training

2 sessions/week 
+ discounted massage rates

Sessions will be a blend of riding, ground work, lunging, & lessons depending on horse and riders needs.

Please inquire for Full, Half, or Basic Training Prices

Training services are located at the beautiful Sycamore Canyon Stables in Poway, CA.

Mobile training services are not available at this time.

I began using Natalie's services when my mare was having some obscure lameness issues.  Natalie was able to isolate her sensitive areas, which pointed my vet in the right direction to find the cause.  After some changes to her feet, and with the support of ongoing bodywork, my mare is on the road to recovery and feeling better every day.  In addition to providing overall health benefits, Natalie helped prevent my horse's issue from becoming a larger, more long-term problem.  She is great for helping a horse recover, but more importantly, her routine care can help address problem areas early on.  She is an integral part of my horse's wellness team!"

- Kaci W


Natalie Darmody EEBWII

Serving San Diego County & Surrounding Areas

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