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  Additional courses will be added below upon completion.

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completed courses & Webinars

  • Equinology:Equine Anatomy Pre-Course distance study- 50 hours

  • Equinology:Debranne Patillo, Equine Body worker Certification course- 300 hours

  • Equinology:Debranne Patillo, Equine anatomy discovery class (clay & hands on) - 143+ hours

  • Training for soundness masterclass with Celeste-Leilani Lazaris - online

  • Functional Horse Training w/THirza Hendriks - Online Summit - 10 hours

  • Onlinepethealth webinar: Sacropelvic rehabilitation in horses w/ kevin haussler dvm, dc, phD, dipl. acvsmr

  • Onlinepethealth webinar: Fascinating Fascia- a key to understanding locomotor disorders in horses w/ marta kulikowska

  • Nerve impingement & hoof balance w/ Yogi Sharp & celeste-leilani lazaris - online webinar - 3 hrs

In progress courses 

  • Equine Neurology, Muscle Physiology & Pathologies with Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon, VMD ONLINE COURSE

  • Equine Nutrition: NRC Plus with Dr. Eleanor M. Kellon VMD ONLINE COURSE

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